Reverend Karen Joy is an ordained interfaith minister and has lived on the beautiful island of Kaua’i since 1994.  She has 18 years experience officiating simple, intimate weddings as well as elaborate, elegant celebrations. 

Karen is a confident and caring person; well respected in the community.  Her ceremonies are joyful, positive and heartwarming.  She extends aloha spirit to clients and offers her comprehensive knowledge of island culture, which is reflected in her service. 

Karen has enjoyed exploring and living on the amazing island of Kaua’i for over 18 years.  She lives in an adorable cottage with jungle and pastoral views, located in the peaceful upcountry of the east side.  One of her two sons lives on this property with his family and the other son lives in San Diego with his. Besides being with family and friends, she loves the quiet solitude of her home and garden.  The lush and magnificent natural beauty of Hawaii has captivated Karen since her first visit many years ago when the islands welcomed her with moist warm air, gorgeous flower fragrances, bird songs and breath taking views.  Karen especially enjoys being on Kauai’s amazing tropical beaches surrounded by turquoise ocean.  She also likes the rains & magical rainbows as well as the strong sun drenched days of island life.  Karen is fascinated with Hawaii’s diverse and blended cosmopolitan society and the Hawaiian idea of close extended family, or ohana. 

Karen has a passion for honoring the sacredness and beauty of this a’ina (land) through the chants & dance of hula; and for learning about Hawaiian culture and history.  Hula is a big part of her life. Karen is fortunate to have studied for many years with master teacher, Lo’ea Kawaikapuokalani Hewett.  She also is devoted to other forms of dance, practicing yoga, singing, reading, studying, gardening, cooking, entertaining, and being with her grandchildren. Karen Joy loves officiating weddings , renewals and all celebrations of Love and Unity. She will bring a wonderful vitality and joy to your special day!

                 Karen has been dancing with a hula halau (hula school) since 1999. 

                 Here she is with some of her hula sisters in a recent hoi’ke (show).


        Photos by Danny Hashimoto



“There’s an Island across the sea.  Beautiful Kaua’i...

And it’s calling, it’s calling to me. Beautiful Kaua’i... I’ll return to my isle across the sea...

where my love lies waiting for me.  Beautiful Kaua’i,

Beautiful Kaua’i”

Song by Randy Farden 


Copyright 2011 Aloha Weddings Kaua’i, Karen Joy

Karen is also available for hula instruction. Have fun learning a simple dance for your bridal shower, reception, or just for entertainment.  The class can include an ukulele player or amplified recorded music.

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